Warlord – Core Rules

Warlord - Core Rules
Core Rules: Battles in War-Torn Taltos

The land of Taltos has never known peace. Monstrous entities, petty thugs and immigrant mercenaries battle against aristocrats, natives, and visionaries for the power and influence necessary to become local authorities – to become Warlords. Now you too can choose a side, marshall your troops, and take up a standard. Taltos awaits. What legends will be written about your deeds?
Warlord is Reaper’s new fast-paced, smallunit, fantasy miniatures-based combat game set in Taltos. Warlord is a complete game and uses the Reaper Adventure Game Engine for faster and more enjoyable play.
This book includes:

  • Complete Rules
  • 9 Army Rosters plus Mercenaries
  • Campaign Rules
  • Painting Guide & Tutorial
  • The Land of Taltos Fantasy Setting
  • Record Sheets & Play Aids

143 Seiten. 2004.
ISBN 1-930015-08-9