Warlord – Necropolis

Warlord - NecropolisEd Pugh, Matt Ragan
Faction Book

For generations the people of Taltos have lived in fear of the black storm clouds that signal the arrival of the dark forces of the unliving. The vampire masters of the dread Necropolis, a citadel of the dead set high in the Ash Mountains, are hunting out new lives on which to feed and with which to expand their armies. For generations the knowledge of what dwelled there in the mountains has remained hidden, a topic for horror tales. At last, you can find out the secrets of the Realm of the Restless Dead.
This book includes:

  • An insider’s account of the Necropolis itself.
  • Insight as to what the Lords of Thule have planned for Taltos.
  • Tips for using the Necropolis as antagonists and allies in RPGs.
  • New Data Cards for New Models.
  • New Rules for the basic Necropolis Army including New Equipment, New Spells.
  • A Sub-List of the Necropolis – The Crypt Legion. With its own rules and special powers.
  • A new Scenario especially suited for Necropolis forces.
  • A tutorial on how to make your own Sand Table.

47 Seiten. 2005.
ISBN 1-930015-10-0