Warlord – The Great Reven

Warlord - The Great RevenBryan Stiltz
The Great Reven: Fury of Ten Thousand Axes
Faction Book

To the east is a vast and unforgiving wasteland of wind, rock, heat, and mud. This land is the birthplace of the Orcu, the Ogere, and others. In the first tongue, they are the Sula Ulus, the Free People of the Monglash Steppe. Across the great eastern mountains of Taltos, a storm is brewing. The Bloody Axe of the Khakhan is again raised and strong tribes are answering the call. Taltos is bloated, fat, ripe, and ready. The Akhpakh Khoolahylan, the Great Reven, will soon unleash its thunder.
This book includes

  • An insider’s account of the Great Reven and the warrior culture of Monglash
  • Tips for playing or using members of the Reven in RPGs
  • New Data Cards for New Models
  • New Rules for the basic Reven Army including New Equipment, New Spells
  • Two Sub-Lists of the Reven – The Bull Orcs and the Goblins, with their own rules and special powers
  • Two new scenarios especially suited for Reven forces.

47 Seiten. 2005.
ISBN 1-930015-11-9