Warmachine – Apotheosis (engl.)

Warmachine - Apotheosis (engl.)

Warmachine: Apotheosis arms players with the migthiest warcasters and warjacks ever to take the field of war. Discover a bounty of new strategies and tactics to unlock incredible combinations that will make you victorious in your battles for survival, revenge, and domination!

  • Read the exciting story of how these great armies converge on the Thornwood to clash in the ultimate battle for souls.
  • Expand your tactical combinations on the battlefield with 8 all new warcasters, 8 returning epic warcasters, and 4 new unstoppable heavy warjacks.
  • Supercharge your games with new rules for bonded warjacks, experienced warcasters, and new bone-crunching power attacks.
  • Play out your own battle for the Thornwood with the new Theater of War campaign system.
  • Experience the amazing artwork of the most art-intensive project from Privateer Press to date.

Warmachine: Apotheosis is 144 pages of full-color knockdown drag-out action that will leave a lasting mark on the landscape of the award-winning world of the Iron Kingdoms.

144 Seiten. 2005.
ISBN 1-933362-02-2