Warmachine – Prime

Warmachine - PrimeMatt Wilson
Warmachine: Prime

Steam powered miniatures combat.
„Warmachine: Prime“ takes you beyond the Battle Box and thrusts you into full blown conflict! Within, you will find an extensive history of the Iron Kingdoms, background on all of the Warmachine factions, and complete army rosters with dozens of characters, units, and warjacks, so you can build the army you desire. Assemble tactical forces to skirmish in tight quarters, or grow your force and wage war on an apocalyptic scale!
Additionally, you’ll find scenarios, tactics, templates, and a fantastic full color showcase and painting guide by Privateer’s very own Rivet Head Studios.
„Warmachine: Prime“ provides you with everything you need to keep the battle raging!

200 Seiten. 2004.
ISBN 0-9706970-7-4