Warzone 2nd – Mars: Capitol Forces of War

Warzone - Mars - Capitol Forces of WarPeter Flannery
Mars: Capitol Forces of War
Warzone 2nd Edition
Mutant Chronicles Supplement

Mars took its name from the Roman God of War because to those who first observed the planet in the night sky of Earth it glinted with the ruddy shade of blood. But the naming seems to have been touched by the hand of prophecy for on Mars, the Red Planet, war still reins supreme.
The Capitol Corporation see themselves as masters of Mars for they dominate the planet with their powerful army and the mighty Juggernaut battle-trains that travel the Trans-Martian Railway. But in the Year of the Cardinal 1268 a new power rose up on Mars. A power so ancient and so terrible that few believed the nightmares spoken about it. The power is that of the Dark Soul and now Algeroth, the Apostle of War, seeks to challenge the ancient Roman God for dominion of this world that seems destined to be forever bathed in blood.
Mars: Capitol Forces of War is the second supplement to Warzone 2nd Edition.
This book includes:

  • Exciting campaigns illustrated with maps and comic strips all in full color.
  • Detailed background on Mars and the Capitol Corporation.
  • New rules for using trenches and barbed wire.
  • New Capitol army list detailing the forces of the Armed Forces of Capitol.
  • New units such as the Manta Assault Craft and the Orca Battlesuits.
  • New counters and templates all in full color.

80 Seiten. 1999.