Warzone – The Chronicles of War

Warzone - The Chronicles of WarJohn Robertson
The Chronicles of War
Warzone 2nd Edition
Mutant Chronicles Supplement

A thousand years ago the light of humanity was almost extinguished by the shadow of the Dark Legion. One man stood firm in the face of evil and his name was Nathaniel Durand, the first Cardinal of the Brotherhood. He rallied the warriors of mankind and drove the Darkness back.
For a thousand years the nightmare of the Dark Legion has faded from the mind’s of men. Now it has returned! Stronger, and more terrible than before. And where is the great soul that will save humanity now, a leader strong enough to stand before the terror of the Dark Soul? Without such a leader the human race will be devoured by the Darkness.
But where is the law that says mankind must live forever? There is no such law graven in stone, only written in the blood of those who refuse to yield.
Richly illustrated in full color, this 48 page book paints a complete picture of the Warzone universe, a universe of war and never ending conflict where you will decide the outcome of battles yet to be fought.
So read on, for the war is just beginning.

48 Seiten. 1998.