Warzone – The Forces of War

Warzone - The Forces of War
The Forces of War
Warzone 2nd Edition
Mutant Chronicles Supplement

There is no respite for the armies that do battle on the Warzones of the solar system. They are locked in the violent embrace of the Second Corporate Wars and now the demonic forces of the Dark Legion threaten to engulf them all. Only the spiritual guidance of the Brotherhood offers humanity any hope of resisting the forces of darkness.
This 96 page book details each of the armies that battle for supremacy in a world of unceasing conflict:

  • The dynamic forces of Capitol.
  • The military machine of Bauhaus.
  • The Bushido warriors of Mishima.
  • The indomitable spirit of Imperial.
  • The enhanced army of Cybertronic.
  • The fierce Tribes of Earth.
  • The Brotherhood’s soldiers of faith.
  • The unholy forces of the Dark Legion.

Printed in full color, this book is packed with illustrations and photographs of the miniatures used in Warzone 2nd Edition. Each of the armies has its own structure and identity to give players the widest possible choice when choosing their armies. All that remains is for you to choose your army and lead it to victory on the battlefields of Warzone.

96 Seiten. 1998.