WoD – Hunter Survival Guide

WoD - Hunter Survival GuideEd Hall (Ed.)
Hunter Survival Guide
Hunter: The Reckoning

Your neighborhood isn’t the only place crawling with zombies, bloodsuckers and ghosts. They’re all over the world! Fortunately, so are hunters. We fight monsters everywhere. But unless hunters can unite, our weapons, knowledge and tools will be lost with each of us. Together we stand, divided we fall.
The Hunter Survival Guide is the source on stalking monsters and living to tell the tale. This book updates hunters on their fellows‘ activities worldwide. It spreads the word about the most dangerous game across the globe, and it offers tips on how to fight and defeat the enemy. Not only is the Survival Guide full of story ideas for any chronicle, it puts hunters on the alert for monsters still at large, perhaps even in your own hometown.

134 Seiten. 1999.
ISBN 1-56504-737-0